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(FAQ) Frequently asked questions for Online Courses

1. Is it hard to take online courses?

No, it isn’t. Clicking on any category on Online Course Schools will instantly lead you to a well-compiled list of all available courses on the selected subject. Applying steps at most courses are absolutely simple to complete.

2. How do I review an online course?

We at Online Course Schools encourage our users to share their learning experiences with others by leaving course reviews. By reading reviews on our site, not only can you learn others’ success stories, but also warn people of scammers and low-quality courses. To leave a review, contact us here.

3.Which are the most popular online courses?

Technology, graphic design and digital marketing are among the few trendy fields that people tend to learn about. Update these new skills with Onlinecoursesschools: Machine Learning, Introduction to Marketing and Graphic Design.

4. How to get a free online course?

Even with our huge reservoir of online courses, free courses are rare finds on Online Course Schools. Luckily, there are a few ways to find them:

  • - First subscribers usually receive free trial on their subscriptions, or even receive their courses free-of-charge.
  • - Alternatively, you can use the search bar to directly search for free courses.

5. Top trending online courses platforms

Find it hard to choose which platform you should spend money on to acquire new knowledge? Onlinecoursesschools got you covered. Simply check our Best Online Course Platforms at the moment such as Skillshare Online Courses and Coursera Free Courses. You can even apply for FREE!