3 strategies to advance your network administrator career

Network administration is a wide field. Due to modernization, technology-related fields have a bright scope. We need technicians, security managers and software engineers in every field now. They own the future. It is natural that we, humans, always want to proceed forward. We always want to do better in our lives and careers. 

Network Administrator Courses
Network Administrator Courses

Career advancement is a process to move ahead in your work field. If many years have passed, and you are stuck in the same place you started from, that means you haven’t made any progress. Many people believe that getting a job is the last thing they have to do and this mentality pushes them backward.

How can you advance your network administrator career?

If you are a network administrator, you have an incredible future ahead. However, it is up to your dedication and hard work.

Strive for excellence

The first rule to progress in your career is to struggle for excellence. You have to change your mindset and improve yourself. Every day, there is always something new to learn. If you have a bachelor’s degree in network administration, you should go for a master’s level degree. If you already have a master’s, you should opt for a Ph.D. Another option is to pursue research. People acknowledge research skills globally.

Learning more will not only polish your skills but will also increase your chances of success. Perks of higher education are better salary and definitely, a promotion. Let’s not forget about the better lifestyle that follows after an increment. 

Furthermore, you can also take network administrator courses from time to time. These courses will help you polish your skills as a network administrator and lower your chances of errors. You can also add course certificates to your network administrator resume. This can help you get a better job than your current one. You can also take courses of MBA in addition to your bachelor level degree. This combination will help you get a job as a manager in Information systems. 

Network Administrator
Network Administrator

Get out of your comfort zone

Another strategy to get at the top is to leave your comfort zone. If you do the same kind of job every day then what’s the point? You are not gaining anything new. You must take on new paths to reach your goals. 

If you are a full-fledged network administrator, you should try out new and improved software. You should explore new systems to increase the security systems and prevent any encounter of cyber-crime. In addition to this, you can arrange employee training seminars for your colleagues who are unaware of the technology. However, if you are still in college, you should indulge in different internships to build your network administration career.

If you engage in new and challenging methods, it will help plenty in your personal growth. Moreover, it will help you develop confidence. If you have gone through a certain problem earlier already, it will be easier to tackle it later. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Interact wherever you go

Human interaction is of great value for a successful career. Connections with different resourceful people will help you find new opportunities. Let’s suppose, there are two employees. Both of them work equally hard but one of them interacts with the boss and the other doesn’t. Being a human, the boss will automatically prefer the one he knows. If in any situation, the boss has to fire someone it’ll be the quiet one. 

Helping people in need is a good virtue. People often remember the helper and it adds to your character building. Be a conversation starter. It can be very hard for old people to understand technology. While dealing with such colleagues, you have to be patient. In return, some people can put in good words about you, recommend you to a better opportunity or help you in your need. Plus, you now have new friends.


I believe there is more to network administration than just a job. A network administrator’s career can only bloom further if he covers all his bases. That being said, it includes gaining more knowledge, exploring new experiences, and interacting more. Hard work is the key to success. These three strategies will help you in both your personal and professional growth. In addition, your persistence should remain constant. 


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