4 Free Online Medical Billing Course To Improve Your Skill Set

Every doctor and clinic requires a competent and trustworthy individual who can submit accurate claims to insurance providers for payment. If that person is potentially you, select one of the 4 free medical billing courses below to meet your career goals.

Definition of a Medical Biller

Definition of a Medical Biller
Definition of a Medical Biller

Medical billers and coders are professionals who specialize in keeping track of the healthcare facility, patient data, invoices, payments, and insurance information. Their responsibility is submitting medical claims to insurance companies and payers such as Medicare and Medicaid. 

They frequently work in a doctor’s office, hospital, rehabilitation center, or nursing home. Their job functions may differ slightly based on the circumstances of where they work, but for the most part, they are the same.

Free medical billing online courses

Consult these billing online courses which are currently available for free:

PPMC Academy Inc. 

PPMC Academy Inc. 
PPMC Academy Inc. 

Founded in 2008, PPMC Academy Inc. is one of the best medical billing courses. It is committed to creating quality medical practice management training at an affordable price. With the PPMC Academy Inc, you can learn all knowledge in Medical Billing and Coding, Front Desk Administration, and Practice Management. 

PPMC Academy Inc. offers lots of exam reviews for individuals planning to take an AHIMA, AAPC, or similar coding certification exam. It’s a great option for people who want to get a medical billing and coding certificate. 

You can have free access to live webinars on various medical billing and coding topics throughout the year. Whether you prefer an instructor-led or self-paced course, they have several options designed to fit your schedule and your budget. 

Basics of Medical Coding & Billing

Basics of Medical Coding & Billing course is a great online class offered by Free Medical Billing Training. It offers a variety of classes for those who want to start learning about medical coding and billing but perhaps don’t have the money to invest in schooling or a paid course. 

Joining this Basics of Medical Coding & Billing class, you can watch 10 topics that cover a variety of important lessons about medical coding and billing, including things like resolving claim issues, medical coding basics, provider and patient setup, and health insurance policies are all covered.

Although the course is all written, it is a great opportunity to get a taste of medical coding and billing and decide whether you want to pursue the field further. You may also sign up for a free account on the site to have a more in-depth look at the foundations’ course.

Learn Medical Billing in One Hour

Learn Medical Billing in One Hour
Learn Medical Billing in One Hour

Dr. Chrono is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of free educational films on medical coding and billing, as well as other healthcare topics. For just one hour, you will know some basic principles about this field. 

The channel is made up of people that are passionate about making the world of healthcare a better place and want to share their knowledge with others. This channel is famous with over 1 million total views and provides solutions to a variety of problems in the healthcare field. With this YouTube channel, you will learn about revenue management software Apollo and Apollo+. When you use this software, staff may simply direct their billing responsibilities and make the medical payment process smoother for everyone. 

You can start to learn anywhere and anytime you feel comfortable. Also, Dr. Chrono’s website offers lots of free resources for members, so you can refer to a more extensive website that focuses specifically on medical coding and billing. 

Medical Coding and Billing – Start a Promising Career

With Medical Coding and Billing – Start a Promising Career, you will have access to a variety of medical billing courses and resources, such as: 

  • The medical billing terms: to understand the terminology of medical billing
  • Medical Billing and Coding Careers Guide: has 15 pages of medical billing and coding overview 
  • Medical Billing Insurance Claim Flowchart: This free medical tool uses a flowchart to demonstrate how the healthcare claim process works and how to interact with insurance claims billing.

This course has 36 mins on-demand videos. Download it so you can watch it anytime you want to learn without the Internet. It’s a convenient studying approach for people who are busy. When finishing this course, you will get a completion certificate, provided by Udemy. It’s useful when you can post it on your profile or CVs. 


Medical billing and coding free courses are well worth your time. You won’t have to pay if you sign up for these courses on the above list because they are all completely free. Start your career path with one of these courses now and land your best medical billing job in the future.

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