5 Best Bar Prep Course For Beginners (2022 Review)

Passing the BAR exam is like getting a ticket into the legal profession. However, passing is a difficult task. The most effective strategy to pass this exam is to do a BAR prep course. There are many online courses accessible, but we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 for your convenience via this blog.

Best Bar Prep Course For Beginners
Best Bar Prep Course For Beginners

BarMax Prep Course

BarMax Online Prep Course is one of the top online courses for students, with the highest overall bar exam pass rates, inexpensive prices, and a money-back guarantee. The BarMax Prep Course offers clear and simple explanatory videos on every subject evaluated on the Universal Bar Exam, with over 1,750 real questions from prior bar exams. The National Conference of Bar Examiners, the UBE’s creators, has granted permission to use this content.

The BarMax training videos are simple and to the point, unlike many other courses. For memorizing crucial topics, each course includes flashcards and helpful mnemonics. When you sign up for the BarMax Prep Course, you’ll have instant access to all of the study materials, including the BarMax app.

Kaplan Bar Review Prep Course

While Kaplan is most known for its in-person learning locations across the country, they also provide a website where you can watch live and on-demand lectures. For graduates of ABA-approved law schools who are taking the bar exam for the first time, they provide a money-back guarantee.

Kaplan Bar Review Prep Course
Kaplan Bar Review Prep Course

Kaplan teaches students how to improve their essay responses by using real questions from the Universal Bar Exam’s essay section. Students may submit an unlimited number of responses to these essays for review by a certified instructor who has graded actual tests. Depending on whether you want to include in-person lectures in your study schedule, Kaplan provides a variety of price and subscription choices.

Bar Prep Hero Review Course

One of the most economical tools we tested for students studying for the bar exam is Bar Prep Hero. The Bar Prep Hero online service, which focuses solely on practice bar test questions rather than classes and lectures, offers a lifetime membership for a minimal fee. In addition to the collection of authentic NCBE-licensed questions from previous tests, there are over 500 simulated MBE practice questions provided. There are also over 1,800 flashcards covering 12 main areas of legal ideas.

Everything you need to take realistic MBE practice exams, record your results, and explain where you went wrong is available on the Bar Prep hero website. Any question you answer wrong is saved in your “challenge bank” for subsequent examination. Furthermore, they provide a money-back guarantee to pupils who fail their exams.

BarBri Review Prep Course

Barbri designed exceptional reading materials and applied their own approach of review for nearly 50 years. They can also have live or online intimate discussions. Barbri’s online bar prep services come with a variety of scheduling possibilities. The normal BarBri review prep course lasts 8-10 weeks and includes both online and in-person training. Students can also enroll in a 10-month-long online preparation course.

BarBri Review Prep Course
BarBri Review Prep Course

Isaac, an AI assistant, is at the heart of Barbri’s online bar test prep. Isaac helps you immediately identify your biggest areas for development. Students can also access their learning materials on the go thanks to a specialized smartphone app. Because their curriculum is country-specific, you can rest assured that everything you learn will be useful when you take your test again.

Adaptibar Review Prep Course

AdaptiBar is a licensed practice question collection from previous bar examinations. The most striking aspect of the Adaptibar service is that students can use the app to answer practice questions. This course provides 215 practice questions in addition to the 1,700+ practice licensing questions. Their technology is unique in that it will assist you with questions based on your performance. They will give you some of those questions till your performance improves if you struggle with other issues.

The Adaptibar app is the most technologically advanced software available for studying for the Universal Bar Exam’s multiple-choice section. It is also one of the most economical bar prep alternatives we tested, thanks to its a la carte pricing strategy. Access to the app is sold on a per-session basis, and there is an extra price for accessing the app before the start date of your session.

Final Thought

Overall, choosing the best bar prep course can be a challenge. You must select the bar prep course that is appropriate for you, which means something different for each individual. However, the majority of these courses are quite good, and I am confident that you will be satisfied with whatever course you select.

Thanks for reading!

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