5 Best Dental Schools Around The World (2022 Review)

Best Dental Schools In The World
Best Dental Schools In The World

There are many dental colleges around the world. How can you choose the one that will bright up your future? To help you with that, we’ve created a list of the top and greatest dentistry schools in the world via today’s blog.

Harvard University

Harvard appears to be a world leader in university classifications, regardless of the subject. Dentistry is no exception; the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston provides a variety of postgraduate programs, including the DMD degree. Tuition fees are estimated to be roughly $85,070 (£64,350) per year, excluding living expenses, travel, and any personal allowances.

Harvard teaches students how to develop and execute a research project as part of the continuous curriculum, which makes full use of Harvard’s distinctive teaching methods. During their second, third, and fourth years, students will learn to plan and complete a research project, which will complement the existing interdisciplinary approach.

King’s College London

King’s College London is one of the world’s top institutions, as well as having one of the greatest dentistry schools. King’s College is a research-intensive institution with the UK’s largest dental school, which annually educates roughly 150 dentists. It offers a five-year BDS curriculum that allows students to obtain clinical experience in a variety of world-class facilities. Prior to the entrance, students must complete A*AA level work or its equivalent.

King’s College London
King’s College London

The UK government caps tuition prices for UK applicants at £9,250 (about $12,280) each year. International students should budget £43,500 ($57.720) per year. Additionally, this college offers local and international students the opportunity to get dental experience in a number of world-class hospitals.

University of Michigan

The University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry is regarded as one of the best dental schools in the world. Although the university is best renowned for its athletic achievements, it is also one of the top scientific research institutes in the United States. Non-Michigan residents pay roughly $68,370 (£51,720) each year in tuition costs.

The institution takes pride in its research endeavors, claiming to be the top-funded dentistry school in the United States. Clinical, demographic, and educational research are among the domains covered. Others include craniofacial, skeletal biology, and illness; cancer biology and treatments; tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; and craniofacial, skeletal biology, and disease. For dentists seeking additional study, the University of Michigan offers master’s degree programs and non-degree certificates in addition to the DDS degree program.

University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong should be your top choice if you’re seeking a dentistry school with a strong history of academic success. The entire course is taught in English at the University of Hong Kong, so there is no language barrier. To communicate with patients, however, all students must attend additional Chinese and Cantonese studies.

University of Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong

Students enrolled in the University of Hong Kong’s six-year BDS degree program can expect sophisticated educational facilities. In addition, there is an excellent postgraduate employment rate, as well as an education geared at internationally known pupils. Non-local students (those who require a visa to enter Hong Kong) pay roughly $20,500 (£15,500) each year in tuition fees.

University of Gothenburg

When it comes to the best dentistry schools in Europe, the University of Gothenburg is at the top of the list. It offers dentists a five-year bachelor’s degree program as well as three-year programs for dental hygienists and technicians. A one-year supplemental training program is also available for dentists with degrees from the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland.

The University of Gothenburg covers a wide range of topics and undertakes successful research on anything from molecules to communities. The school’s education is centered on research, and the school’s researchers also serve as teachers. All students can participate in the research, either directly or indirectly. Through their master’s or bachelor’s degree projects, many students are also connected to other scientific areas.

Final thoughts

As you can see, studying dentistry at a higher level is available all over the world. When selecting a university, keep in mind that you should consider what is best for you, not for everyone. Hope that with our list of the best schools for dentistry, you will find the best college for you wherever you want.

Happy learning!

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