5 Free Online College Courses for Senior Citizens (2022 Review)

Senior citizens can benefit from free online courses as a method to pass the time. It allows you to study something new at your own speed from the comfort of your own home. We’ll provide you a list of the 5 free online college courses for senior citizens in this article.

Free Online College Courses for Senior Citizens
Free Online College Courses for Senior Citizens

Will Kemp Art School

William Kemp Art School online videos are a terrific place to start if you want to learn painting. With over 7+ hours of free videos, you may join other aspiring painters as they work their way through basic, moderate, and advanced acrylic painting techniques. You can tell this is a wonderful resource because it has over 200K subscribers!

Setup and materials, color mixing, pigment selection, brush and palette knife techniques, as well as gels and media, are all covered. After that, you’ll be given three paintings to create (a still-life, a landscape, and a seascape) utilizing three different color palettes.

University of Alaska

This prestigious institution is known throughout Alaska as a center for education. It provides free education to older persons who want to pursue higher education in a variety of professions, in addition to providing high-quality education. This possibility is available to older individuals who have reached the age where they are eligible for full social security benefits.

University of Alaska
University of Alaska

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is one of their most popular degrees for seniors. Coursework in creative writing entails a lot of writing, and you’ll write in a variety of genres to figure out what you like. Creative writing can be a stress relief or a means to express oneself, especially for older people with more life experience. If you are interested in literature and writing, a creative writing degree will help you acquire new skills while studying something you enjoy.

University of Southern Maine

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at USM Senior College is a popular and convenient choice for continuing education. You can choose from a wide range of peer-taught science and liberal arts courses as an OLLI member. There are no college prerequisites or other entrance criteria, only a desire to study!

You can enroll in 8-week courses in the autumn and spring semesters, as well as 6-week courses in the winter and summer. These classes are typically given on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus. They are, however, offering a remote learning summer session to allow this vital academic and social stimulation to be accessed from home during these unique times.

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is the state’s largest institution and the University of Arkansas System’s flagship school. You can continue your studies at this fantastic university if you are 60 years old or older. They allow you to audit courses and register for them in order to further your education. Make sure to contact the administration first to get any registration questions answered.

University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is one of their most popular degrees for senior citizens. Coursework in creative writing entails a lot of writing, and you’ll write in a variety of genres to figure out what you like. You’ll also take a close look at some excellent books. This section of the degree will allow you to study more about different writing styles and get ideas from other outstanding writers. The program will also provide you the opportunity to observe other authors and assist you in developing your own creative voice. Elective classes allow you to experiment with different types of writing, such as social media and blogging on the internet.


Coursera is a fantastic online resource for seniors, with hundreds of free online courses to pick from. The majority of classes are taught by professors from prestigious universities like Yale, and there are so many alternatives that it’s nearly difficult not to discover something that suits you! The following are some examples of course topics:

  • Intro to Classical Music
  • The Science of Wellbeing (Yale)
  • Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History (University of Illinois)
  • Intro to Psychology (Yale)

The platform is simple to use, secure and allows you to learn with thousands of other students. If you want professional and high-quality courses, Coursera is absolutely worth a look.

Final thought

Learning is not just for the young; anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from learning. What’s better than studying on your own schedule with these online courses? Besides, online courses provide a stress-free way to learn. I hope that with this article, you will be able to choose the best free online college course for senior citizens.

Thanks for reading!

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