7 highest paying computer programming languages in software market

Among techies, computer programming is the most popular career choice in 2021. There are thousands of computer programming courses offered by top training platforms like Lynda and Udemy. Best online computer programming certifications offer advanced learning materials for top programming languages. If you are not sure which programming language is the best pick for 2021, this article is a must-read for you. Computer programming experts are getting paid handsome salaries and having advanced computer programming certifications can be a plus point.

Advanced computer programming certifications
Advanced computer programming certifications

Financial stability is the dream of every computer programmer so we are going to explore the highest paying computer programming languages in 2021. Only the best online computer programming certification can ensure the desired salary in the competitive market.

Learning the Advanced Computer Programming Languages

Deciding on the right programming language to learn can be a difficult decision. Choosing the highest paying programming language becomes easier when you have the statistics and facts about the market demand. The best thing about learning a computer language is the freedom of online availability of the materials.  

Coding is a skill that must be taught to youth from the very start of education. Several courses focus on teaching online coding for kids. Starting these short computer courses along with your degree can help you to stay up to date as per the market demands. Computer programming for beginners covers all the basics of the coding concepts. Here are some computers programming language courses that can help you to land the dream job:


Perl is a relatively new programming language but the coding flexibility made it really popular among the coders. In 2020, Perl coders were paid the average salary of $76,000. Perl is ranked as the highest paying computer programming language in 2020. If you are interested in a computer programming course, learning Perl will not disappoint you.


Professionals with Scala skills are quite popular in the software market. This general-purpose language is used for both functional programming and object-oriented programming. With an average salary of $76,000, Scala is among the highest-paid computer programming languages.



Google designed Go for statically compiled programming and the major construction is similar to the C programming language. There are unlimited jobs for Go programmers but the market is facing a shortage of Go professionals. Mastering the Go programming language can ensure a job with a handsome salary but you will have to be extremely careful with the selection of the right computer programming course. After a few years of experience in the market, Go professionals can easily get an average salary of $74,000.


Designed for safety and performance, Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language. This computer programming language appeared 10 years ago in the software development market and since then, Rust developers are getting paid handsomely. With an average salary of $74,000, Rust programmers are settled in several major software development companies.


This high-level programming language developed in the 90s and has been around us for decades. Ruby got fame in the previous few years when more and more platforms started using Ruby for garbage collection. Learning Ruby in 2021 can help you to land a secure job with an average salary of $71,000.


With the initial release one year ago, Shell scripts appeared back in 1989 for the first time and experts with expertise in these languages are still popular. As compared to other famous programming languages, Shell experts are still in the least numbers in the market. Learning Shell requires time and determination but it’s worth learning as you can get an average salary of $65,000.


If you have mastered the Objective-C programming language, landing a job with an average salary of $64,000 is not going to be hard. Objective-C, C++, and C# have been pretty popular in the software development market for a long time.


Earning Passive Income with Computer Programming

Instead of learning several programming languages, you can enroll in other non-technical courses like marketing for small businesses or 2D animation. These skills can be really helpful to generate side income along with passive income as a computer programming expert.

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