An Informative TNCC Study Guide Nurses Don’t Want To Miss

TNCC class can be very challenging for nurses to take and pass. If you plan to get TNCC certification to advance in your nursing career, follow this TNCC study guide to quickly master the course.

An Informative TNCC Study Guide Nurses Don’t Want To Miss
An Informative TNCC Study Guide Nurses Don’t Want To Miss

What is TNCC?

TNCC stands for Trauma Nursing Core Course is a continuing education class designed to equip registered professional nurses with essential knowledge and skills to offer expert care to trauma patients.  These often include core-level trauma knowledge and psychomotor skills, which are taught for 16 hours in two days. 

The course is widely recognized as the premier trauma course for nurses and hospitals worldwide. It is also recommended as the minimum required education for emergency nurses who are going to take care of trauma patients.

The TNCC is provided by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) using a wide range of learning methodologies incorporated, including online, a textbook, interactive lecture, hands-on skills, and case-based learning.  

After the course, you will be able to enhance cognitive skills, sharpen technical skills, and have a solid foundation for future learning. You will have enough skills, knowledge, and confidence to assess and implement evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for your patients. The level of care you provide in emergency care settings, large and small, rural and urban will also be improved significantly.

Is the TNCC test hard?

It is not so difficult to pass if you are well-prepared. TNCC test is an online written test with a 2-hour time limit conducted after you finish the course. This test is open-book and you will be given 2 attempts to get the test done. However, note that you are required to complete the online post-exam within 7 days of the course. 

After successfully completing the minimum requirements for the evaluated psychomotor skill station and the multiple-choice examination, the Emergency Nurses Association will send you a link to your TNCC Verification card. This certificate issued by the Emergency Nurses Association will be valid for four years.

What are the requirements for TNCC?

What are the requirements for TNCC?
What are the requirements for TNCC?

To be eligible for a TNCC certification, first, you must be a Registered Nurse. Even when you are other licensed personnel, you’ll receive Continuing Education Units for the course only. 

Also, course participants are recommended to have at least 6 months of clinical nursing experience in emergency care or trauma-related settings before taking the course. You should possess generic nursing knowledge, and have an understanding of emergency care terminology, as well as be familiar with standard emergency equipment.

Regarding the evaluation, candidates must score at least 80% on the multiple-choice examination. During the Trauma Nursing Process, you must demonstrate all critical steps fluently and get 70% or more of the total points in the evaluated skill station. 

What is included in the TNCC?

What is included in the TNCC?
What is included in the TNCC?

To provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills, Trauma Nursing Core Course includes the following elements.

  • A Systematic Approach of Initial Assessment: learning how to provide appropriate and early intervention for patients – the first few minutes are very critical to achieving better patient outcomes. A – J mnemonic and the Trauma Nursing Assessment will assist nurses in
  • Hands-on Training Using both an Individual and Team Approach: nurses will have the opportunity to practice the systematic approach of the initial assessment in real-life situations. You will be instructed by Psychomotor skill stations in assessing, critically analyzing, identifying interventions, and evaluating effectiveness in a safe learning environment. 
  • 2 Day Intensive Course with Expert Instructors.
  • Comprehensive Manual: you will receive the TNCC 8th Edition Manual 10 weeks prior to the course to review the lectures and skill stations. This includes a compilation of current trauma nursing standards to keep you updated.
  • Online Learning Modules: Interactive modules are offered with links to additional information – you can apply what you have learned and receive feedback immediately. 


TNCC is now considered a means of identifying standardized trauma nursing knowledge and skills that are required for professional nursing care. Thus, if you seriously plan to further this career path, this course is a must. 

Hope that our TNCC study guide provides you with all the important information about the course before you get started. And for those who want to stand out from other nurses, refer to 5 Free Online Caregiver Training Courses and Certification For You and earn more relatable certificates.

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