Become a graphics designer without having a degree in graphics design

With the advancement of the world in technology and rise of the internet and the wide availability of content sharing platforms, nothing seems impossible right now. From learning to cook to learning how to become a graphic designer, there isn’t anything that you cannot achieve.

You can acquire jobs with a graphics design degree but everyone cannot afford to enroll in schools, pay dues, and buy books. Well, here’s a piece of good news for you. An impressive educational background is not everything and you can still live your dream of being a graphics designer by self-educating yourself. All it requires is for you to know your way around the different aspects of graphics design and ways of manipulating them for your good.

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Here is how you can become a successful graphic designer in 2021.

Learn to draw

You don’t need a degree to practice graphics designing as most of the employers out there prefer skills over knowledge, but you need to have the skills that they prefer to land graphic designing jobs. A graphics designer is an individual who can create visual concepts with the use of software or by hand to communicate with the consumers and captivate them.

Learn To Draw
Learn To Draw

Learning to draw is one of the basic communication skills to be successful in graphics design. Although you need certain verbal communication skills and your way around the words to attract people, paper and pen or images are the ultimate viewfinder for you. Being a graphics designer, you don’t need to draw award-winning visuals, it should be good enough to send a clear picture to your clients. 

Learn a few basics of graphics design

At this point, it is safe to say that graphic design doesn’t require a degree but you have to gain the knowledge. Without the necessary knowledge, you won’t be able to effectively utilize your skills. You can learn the basic concepts of graphic design such as different theories including color theory, typography, grid, and others. 

You do not need to attend school or college to learn about the basic concepts of graphics, all you need is dedication and you can find a lot of books or online graphic design courses that will teach you all you need to know.

Master the software

This is where you start doing actual graphics designing. Although you can opt for using a paintbrush to draw your designs, bringing the past into the future won’t do you any good. Software nowadays is way more advanced and if you can master them, you will be able to take the design world by a storm.

Many software are used for graphic designing but two software programs that are used most frequently are:

  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Both of these programs require a lot of time to get to know the basics and then you can move onto being creative. Creativity is your friend and you have to master the above two software to give design to your imagination. You can learn these programs yourselves by taking a few online courses or utilizing different tools such as tutorials for adobe illustrator. Different platforms where you can find these tutorials are YouTube and Udemy, or you can simply search for them on google and you will be presented with multiple options.

Master The Software
Master The Software

Choose a field to specialize

To become a professional graphic designer in this day and age, you have to be the best at what you do and for that, you have to choose a specialty. Choose one from web design, user interface developer, app design and many others that interests you the most and master that with your creativity and innovation skills.

Build your portfolio

Building an impressive portfolio and showcasing your achievements on your profile which can be a website or a social media platform will help you get clients much easier. Being a graphics designer, you will be familiar with the process of creating a website and making it look cool. Design a basic website for you to build your portfolio not by showing all the achievements but ones that matter the most.

Build Your Portfolio
Build Your Portfolio

Network with other graphic designers

Find fellow graphics designers in your community or social media communities or by attending different seminars and become friends with some of them. They might be working for high-grade clients so that they can provide you with insights for you to be successful on your journey. If you are lucky and they are helpful enough, some of these colleagues might find work for you to give a boost to your career.

Network With Other Graphic Designers
Network With Other Graphic Designers

Until then, try freelance graphics designing, you can earn well over your dues on Fiverr or Upwork.

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