Best Guide To Pencak Silat: Start This Martial Art Today

Best Guide To Pencak Silat: Start This Martial Art Today
Best Guide To Pencak Silat: Start This Martial Art Today

Pencak Silat is a skilful and strong sport that consists of resilient movements of the body in order to fiercely resist the opponent’s attacks. Differ from other sports, Pack Silat is more about protecting yourself, with the name rooting from Indonesia, meaning “counterattack” and “self-defense”. Here is the intro to the Pencak Silat and why you should start them today.

What Is Pencak Silat?

In addition to focusing on diverting the use of hand and foot attacks, Pencak Silat also focuses on training the coordination of the body. To perform quick and maneuverable movements, the hands, fingers, knees, head and feet must move effortlessly yet striking. You can also learn how to effectively use the unorthodox weapons such as ropes, towels, and chairs, and others more common including knives, swords, clubs, and staffs. Pencak Silat is practiced in a rhythmic manner, taking advantage of weaponry. Mimicking animals, these poses are known as Langkah, a special posture and movements in Pencak Silat martial arts.


There are many sub-sectors in Pencak Silat, but the major sectors are divided into 7 main sectors, including:

  • The traditional folk: A performance type of Silat, showcased at weddings or entertainment.
  • The sport: A competitive type of Silat, similar to boxing but with legs.
  • Hybrid set: Silat is used for convenience, suitable for people in the West. This type is basically most commonly found in the United States of America and countries in Europe.
  • The Sectarian set: Under influence of heretical factors on Islam, it is currently in danger of being lost. However, these sects still exist in some remote areas of Sunda in Indonesia.
  • The all-teachable sect is characterized by experts in self-defense methods and emerged in the 1940s, which can be collectively known as modern Silat.
  • The system of secret sects, in which the most unique techniques and methods are taught only to those who are trusted or have a certain recommendation.
  • The Muslim sect requires students to follow Islam and be able to read the Quran.

The Fighting Ring

The ring of Pencak Silat martial art has a square shape with dimensions of 7x7m, with the width of the ring line with the main ring is 5cm. This ring is where two boxers begin their match and also rest if timeout is required. They are usually positioned in opposite sides, in two diagonal corners opposite each other outside the ring, these are called neutral angles. The center of the ring is the circle line with a diameter of 2m and a limit line of 5cm wide. The limit line serves as a purpose for two boxers to remain at their minimum distance.

The Pencak Silat ring can be placed on the ground or on a platform, covered with a carpet or blanket with a maximum thickness of 5cm. The carpet surface will be covered with a square canvas with a length of 9m and a width of 9m with non-slippery material.

Competition outfit

Compared to the complicated techniques and rituals in attending Pencak Silat, the wardrobe is actually much simpler. To participate, one’s only required to have a dark outfit, body armor and jockstrap for protection. You’ll be eligible to attend with just these garments, the rest will rely on your strength and wits.

Why Is Pencak Silat an Ideal Sport?

Learning martial art courses in general is beneficial to our bodies, but with Pencak Silat, you’ll be benefitting more than just health. It is important to note that within age groups, there’s a difference in techniques, making them suitable for everyone.

Why Is Pencak Silat an Ideal Sport?
Why Is Pencak Silat an Ideal Sport?

Promote independence

Practicing martial arts, especially Pencak Silat, is a process that requires time and pressure. Therefore, learning the martial art Pencak Silat will create a strong will and self-discipline for the practitioner.

Better health condition

The movements of Pencak Silat martial arts are very useful in your daily life. Such as fixing the standing postures, and flexible movements that not only contribute to improving health but also help the body develop balance to be more confident.

During martial arts training, you’ll have the opportunity to exercise more to increase your strength and flexibility. Practicing martial arts will bring better physical health, mental clarity and self-reliance.

Know how to protect yourself

If you have learned martial arts, in a dangerous situation, you will be calm enough to use your sharp reflexes and agility to defend yourself and promptly detect the enemy’s bad intentions.


Pencak Silat is a martial art form typically found in Southeast Asia and has been certified as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. This martial art has a long history in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Today, this subject is still loved and chosen by many people to both learn to defend themselves and improve their health and physique. In addition to the sporting element, Pencak Silat also includes spiritual aspects – spirit, self-defense and art, making them the perfect option. If you’ve been wanting to take a lesson, check some Pencak Silat courses near you to start today.

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