Choosing a Major in 2021 – Tips, Tactics, and Examples

Hundreds of questions pop up in one’s mind while choosing a major. Yes, it can be challenging. After all, your entire career depends on it.

While selecting a major most of the students often think;

Which college to choose? Which career path is the best? What degree should I get with which I’ll be satisfied?

Well, the good news is that there is an answer to all these questions. Since choosing a career path is a major life decision; therefore, you need proper guidance. In this article, we’ll discuss all the tips for choosing a major in 2021.

You’ll see thousands of options to choose from. Each university and college programs vary from the other. So, you need to pick a major carefully to secure your future.

Choosing a Major in 2021 - Tips, Tactics, and Examples
Choosing a Major in 2021 – Tips, Tactics, and Examples

Don’t worry – it isn’t as hard as it seems. Here is a complete guide that will walk you through the step-to-step process to finding the right major.

Guide for Finding Your Major

This article will emphasize a few things;

  1. The basic concept of a college major and why you need to choose the right one?
  2. How can you select a major for a successful career path?
  3. How to find out which major you want to continue with during your university studies?

Step-to-step Guidelines to Choose a Major?

Here is a step-to-step guide to choosing a major. Make sure you keep everything in mind to select the right one.

Identify Values, Skills, and Interests

Rather than emphasizing which major I should select, you should focus on which major is right for me. The first step in choosing a major is distinguishing between the areas of study that are significant for you. There are basic categories based on which you can choose a major.

Pick a Major Based on Skills

Abilities and skills are something that you can do. To apply to a college, you need to know which skills you have; this makes choosing a significant other easier. For example, if you are good at math, you can go towards accounting or engineering. Also, do not rule out the fields that you are not skilled in just yet. If you think you have an interest, you can always enroll in a program and learn. 

Pick a Major Based on Skills
Pick a Major Based on Skills

Choosing a Major Based on Values

For a more rewarding future, you can select a major based on your values and core beliefs. However, don’t emphasize too hard on values. The university period is mainly self-discovery and experimentation, which means you need to be firm on your values since college to make this journey easier.

Choosing a Major Based on Values
Choosing a Major Based on Values

Choosing a Major Based on Interests

Your interests mainly determine which major is right for you. After all, who doesn’t like getting paid for what you want? For example, if you like to draw, you can pursue an art and design degree. But do remember that, unlike values, your interests change with time. So, make sure you choose your career paths carefully. 

Choosing a Major Based on Interests
Choosing a Major Based on Interests

Consider your Future

Your passions, interests, values, and abilities are temporary. These things are just for now. Therefore, entirely relying on such things doesn’t help in deciding your career. Before choosing what you do, you need to know whether you’ll still enjoy these things way ahead in the future or not. You never know what you’ll feel like ten years from now – let alone 20 or 30 years.

Besides, you need to figure out whether your interest is employable or not. Getting a degree in something which doesn’t get good jobs is of no use. So, you should consider getting a degree that’s in high demand, like computer science, health science, information technology, and more. Thus, before choosing, make sure you have a clear mind-map of the future – to be on the safe side.

Select the Right School

There are tons of schools to choose from. A few rank among the best in some majors, while others might not compete with the top ones.

Now, high-standard schools like Harvard and Yale don’t need to excel in every major. Thus, it would help if you ensured that the university you’re selecting provides an excellent education in the major you’ve chosen.

Take Help from Advisors

Choosing a major can be challenging because you need to take help from advisors in picking a major. Taking advice from advisors will help you choose the right major and figure out tons of stuff regarding your university life.


If you are looking for a complete guide on selecting a major, then go through this article. Honestly, choosing a major will become easier.

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