Different IT Career Paths for You to Pursue

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing, most rewarding, and advanced fields in the world. If we talk about Information Technology – it is a field with many overwhelming career paths for you to choose from. We have tried listing down some of the most commonly chosen career choices in IT so that it’s easy for you to have a bird’s overview. 

IT Career
IT Career

What skills should you have? 

As an IT enthusiast and someone with a degree in information technology, you need to have the following skills that will surely aid you to progress quickly. 

  • Communication 
  • Project Management 
  • Technical Skills 
  • Critical Analysis 
  • Creativity 

And the list could go on and on, but these are some of the crucial skills you should possess if you want to start a career in IT and become super successful one day. 

Read ahead to find out the top IT career paths! 

Network and Computer System Administrator 

There are many career choices in IT, and one of them is working as a Network and Computer System Administrator. 

Network and Computer System Administrator
Network and Computer System Administrator

It is vital for the hardware and software to be updated at all times. This is the job of a network and computer system administrator. They are responsible for looking after the data storage issues, updates required with LANS or intranet, and managing telecommunication networks. Businesses or organizations who want their systems to be foolproof and safe from cyber-attacks, they should employ these professionals.

Software Developers 

Becoming a software engineer is one of the top IT career paths that a lot of people in the IT field pursue to earn a healthy living.

Software Developers
Software Developers 

As software developers, they have to assess the users’ needs and requirements and either create new software or make necessary updates to an existing one. It requires critical analysis and ample research by a software developer to provide the users with an ideal application/software. 

Database Administrators 

There are many career choices in IT that are much more than just being software-related. Database administrators are in charge of specially designed software that is primarily used to store and organize data. 

To further the information, database administrators need to identify user needs and create efficient databases that will help in the smooth functioning of the company. Apart from this, they are also responsible for updating programs or debugging them. 

Computer System Analysts 

To start a career in IT, landing a job as a computer system analyst can be a good starting point. This career path can lead to a multitude of opportunities once you gain enough experience and develop enough skills.

Computer system analysts are the bridge between the company’s management and IT department. They are responsible for analyzing and improving the computers’ performances in order to make them more efficient. This directly boosts the work done by the company. 

Computer System Analysts
Computer System Analysts 

IT Manager 

If you think you are an excellent leader with refined leadership and other Information Technology skills – pursuing the IT career path as an IT Manager can be your cup of tea. 

IT Managers are responsible for coordinating all the activities that are happening in the IT department. Whether it is launching a new software or updating a program, it is all done after approval and under the supervision of an IT manager. 

Information Security Analyst 

With cybercrimes increasing daily, opting for becoming an Information Security Analyst can offer you a long-term job at a company. 

As an information security analyst, you would be strengthening the security of all the computers at your company. You will also be running regular checks and updates to ensure everything is top-notch. Protection from cyber-attacks and maintaining the security standards is also something that you will be doing. 


So, these are some of the different IT career paths for you to choose from if you have an IT background and want to excel in this field. We hope that this article helped you gain some perspective and direction in choosing a career path for yourself. 

However, these are only a few of the top IT career paths, and there are multiple options for you to choose from. It would be best if you opted for the one that aligns with your skillset. 

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