People with strong motives to help the community, commitment, and ability to perform under pressure might go after a career in fire sciences. Not only do they make something worthy with their time saving civilian lives and putting out fires, but they are also considered heroes of society.

What is fire science?

Fire science is a branch of science that deals with the different apparent behaviors of fires. The fire science experts study these behaviors in different circumstances and places such as apartments, fields, offices, and others. By doing that, they collect the necessary data to deal with fires in individual places and learn about the different strategies that can be used to put out fires. Fire science degrees can be earned online or via attending schools and colleges as has been explained in the following section.

Fire Science Degrees
Fire Science Degrees

Fire sciences: Degree types

Based on individual preferences, there are different types of fire science degrees that interested candidates can pursue.

Undergraduate fire science certificate programs

Students with at least a high school education can choose to get certified by studying undergraduate fire science certificate programs. Usually, the classes for these programs are conducted at night, at weekends, or they are even available online. Covering limited courses such as firefighting, an inspection of fires, investigational procedures, and others, they can apply for entry-level jobs in fire sciences profession.

Associate programs in fire sciences

Another viable option for high school graduates to become firefighters is through associate programs in fire sciences. They can enroll in classes after having a high school diploma in the required field. The 2-years study programs cover the basic concepts of fire sciences as well hands-on experience to fight fires.

Bachelor’s degree in fire sciences

Interested students and those with a job in this field are getting more and more interested in resuming their studies to strengthen their educational background and seek better posts and better salaries. For this purpose, a bachelor’s degree in fire sciences has become very desirable. During their studies to earn this degree, students get detailed orientation in fire sciences, rescue procedures, fire investigation, and fire investigation protocols.

In addition to the above, a Master’s degree in fire sciences, as well as a doctorate, can also be achieved to attain the highest paying and most respected job posts in this field.

Fire sciences: Careers

Depending upon the degree that they hold and the experience that they have acquired, different career options are available for graduates in fire sciences. Some of them are as follows:


Firefighters are the main warriors of this field. They respond to emergency calls in case of accidents, crashes, building fires, and others related to these. They gather their equipment and head to the field to provide their services where needed. They are extensively experienced in using the different equipment and know how to maintain them and choose the right equipment for different circumstances. They put out fires by water and they know how to handle water equipment. Additionally, they visit schools and colleges to educate students to stay safe when there has been a fire.


Fire inspectors

After having the required field experience with a Fire Sciences high school diploma, firefighters are promoted to become fire inspectors. Among the other fire science careers, fire inspectors are the most reputable as they have to secure all the buildings in their jurisdiction. They have to schedule regular visits to areas appointed to them, inspect buildings, read their fire prevention manuals, and verify if all the necessary measures have been taken. They ensure the presence of fire alarms and instructions in case of fires. Additionally, they collect fees and fines for permits and inform the owners if they want any changes done to the security of the building following the protocols.

Fire Sciences High School Diploma
Fire Sciences High School Diploma

Fire investigators

The main duty of fire investigators is to inspect and investigate the cause of the fires after they have been dealt with. They examine the site, collect evidence, and conduct interviews with the witness. In doing so, they try to decide if the fire was caused by human error or with criminal intent. They can take necessary actions on the site such as arresting if they suspect anybody of issue warrants. They have to present all the data collected to their superiors and come to conclusions.

Fire Investigators
Fire Investigators

In addition to these careers, there are others such as technicians, medical teams, forest fire inspectors that have job duties related to these.

Fire sciences: Salaries

According to the statistics, salaries of firefighters, fire inspectors, and other officers start from $50,000 and they can go as high as $85,000. Salaries with the experience and addition of any degrees as they are promoted to higher posts.

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