Traditional classroom training no longer makes sense for learning in modern business. Taking people away from their regular occupations is inconvenient — and costly. Just ask Pamela Xaba, Netstar’s Head of Human Capital.

How Online Learning Saved A Company Training Costs
How Online Learning Saved A Company Training Costs

Pamela is currently in charge of leading Netstar and its 1,200 workers through its digital transformation. However, when she joined the firm in 2019, she discovered an antiquated training strategy that focused solely on classroom instruction. Pamela revamped Netstar’s learning program to make it more flexible and accessible to employees while also being more cost-effective for the firm.

Netstar’s traditional approach to learning

Since 1994, Netstar has been a pioneer in car tracking and stolen vehicle recovery. Netstar, based in South Africa, has a worldwide reach that covers many African nations as well as Australia. It has a solid international reputation for driving innovation and providing world-class customer service.

When Pamela first joined Netstar, it was entirely based on in-person classroom instruction. These classes addressed a wide range of topics, including senior leadership development and sales training, as well as Excel and PowerPoint. These courses concentrating on vocational skills were attended by about 500 employees. “You can only imagine the impact on our budget and the interruption to day-to-day operations,” Pamela adds.

Learning and development (L&D) were frequently mentioned as a source of frustration in employee engagement surveys. Everyone did not have the time or the means to attend in-person training sessions.

Considerations for an updated L&D strategy

Pamela’s objective was to create a learning culture in which people had more opportunities and a desire to learn. Then there was 2020. “COVID expedited our online transformation. We wanted to act fast because we didn’t want to stymie the learning culture that we were established within the organization,” she adds.

Considerations for an updated L&D strategy
Considerations for an updated L&D strategy

Pamela’s key factors in her search for a new learning partner were:


Minimal disruption to the company’s day-to-day operations.

Courses that targeted to all workers’ learning requirements, not just a chosen few.

Employees should have the freedom to study at their own pace and on a choice of platforms.

The ability to design customized courses that showcase internal subject matter knowledge.

Pamela could then start to work building Netstar’s learning culture once Udemy Business checked all of these boxes as Netstar’s new learning partner.

Building a learning culture at Netstar

Pamela immediately saw favorable improvements in Netstar’s learning culture after launching Udemy Business in early 2020. Here are three ways the L&D team helped to strengthen the company’s learning culture.

Building a learning culture at Netstar
Building a learning culture at Netstar

Communication lays the groundwork for a successful launch

“Whenever you introduce something new, you will see a certain level of resistance solely because of the fear of the unknown,” says Pamela. The Netstar L&D team overcame this by highlighting the value of online learning. “The biggest selling point for employees was around flexibility and easy access to training initiatives.” It was an even simpler sale when the L&D team reminded employees that the company’s objective was to grow as a wonderful place to work and develop its people.

Learning paths provide guidance without being overly prescriptive

Pamela designed tailored learning routes for several departments so that employees may experience social learning alongside their coworkers. Employees were given a time limit to finish these learning pathways, but they were free to engage with Udemy material whenever and wherever they wanted.

Employees may find relevant material with the aid of ratings and reviews.

Pamela understands that employees have faith in their coworkers. She feels that Udemy’s review and rating system encourages her students to enroll in certain courses. “As more people learn, they can also rate the content on the platform and give feedback. Then other employees will see the more positive comments and feedback that sits on the platform.”

Netstar’s learning results are quantifiable.

Pamela was surprised by the employee response to the classroom-free L&D method. “At first, I misjudged our colleagues’ desire to learn,” she admits. “With classroom training, it seemed forced, and I had to bribe the staff with lunches, teas, and cookies just to ensure that they went. But, since going to Udemy, the learning statistics have been incredible.” Among those learning results are:

40% savings in the L&D budget

7,450 learning hours recorded

820 active users owning their learning

Improved employee engagement scores

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