How & When to Use Breadcrumbs for Your Website’s SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t only keywords and links. There are other different means to increase your visibility through SEO. One of such ways is using breadcrumbs for your website.

What are breadcrumbs?

A breadcrumb is a small piece of text which tells the user where he is. For example, you visit an online store. They will show you their breadcrumbs like this,

Home > women > fragrances > perfume 

It is how a typical breadcrumb looks. It indicated that you selected the women category, then you moved to fragrances and then perfume. There are three kinds of breadcrumbs,

  1. Hierarchy based breadcrumbs
  2. Path-based breadcrumbs
  3. Attribute-based breadcrumbs
What are Breadcrumbs
What are Breadcrumbs

Why are breadcrumbs good for SEO?

There are many best platforms to learn SEO. They will teach you why breadcrumbs are excellent for SEO practices. A few reasons are,

Google ranks them well

Breadcrumbs organize your websites and your visitors like them. Apart from this, Google likes them too, and it rates them well due to this organization. Google uses them in search results. It increases your chances of appearing on top. It even mentions your breadcrumbs in the search option.

Google Ranks Them Well
Google Ranks Them Well

They provide an excellent user experience

The breadcrumbs help people find their way through the website. People look for other things as well. The breadcrumbs are their trail to find that thing. It improves the user experience of your website.

Easy landing to your page

Since you use breadcrumbs for your websites, any point in your website can be the entry point. You can use these for your benefit. It increases traffic to your website and also lowers the bounce rates. Many people lose interest when you direct them to the homepage, and they have to search for the product all over again. They close the tab right there. Breadcrumbs prevent these.

These breadcrumbs also increase web traffic by creating internal links to your web page. 

Easy Landing to your Page
Easy Landing to your Page

Easy to find things

Breadcrumbs enable users to find things. Especially attribute and path-based breadcrumbs are excellent at this feature. If someone wants a women’s perfume, she will automatically pick the relevant category. It makes both the searching and the buying a lot easier. 

How to use breadcrumbs?

When using breadcrumbs, you must consider a few things in mind. I always emphasize researching anything before you go deep into it. Using the breadcrumbs is one thing and using them efficiently is another. 

Use logical breadcrumbs for your website

It highly depends on your website. Your breadcrumbs work best if your website has many categories. If your webpage directly leads your visitors everywhere, your breadcrumbs will have no use. Moreover, you must consider the type of things you provide and if these things match your breadcrumb’s category.  If you write accessories then your website must show accessories. 

Look at your competition

Take a look at other websites. You will get plenty of ideas about breadcrumbs. How they structure them and how they use them. Moreover, you gain plenty of ideas from your competition just by observation. Apart from this, use the breadcrumbs in a way that your audience will like. Always consider your audience’s point of view. It is better if you have some insights about your audience’s likes and dislikes. It will tell you what your audience will expect to see from you. 

Keep it simple

Your breadcrumb design should be simple. It must not distract your audience from the actual content of the web page. It is the job of the web designer to keep this in mind. They should look like normal texts. They are usually on the top corner and small. We separate them with a ‘/’ or slash. It is how it should be.

Make sure your breadcrumbs are efficient

People use breadcrumbs, but sometimes, they don’t work smoothly. What should we do then? The navigation is simple yet, there are things that you must look after. You must look after their work or if they are consistent with every page. 

There is a tool that can help you with this. Site Audit by Semrush will scan for any technical faults in your website. It will search for any mistakes regarding SEO, whether it is keyword research or links. It can easily navigate your breadcrumbs and improve your SEO practices.

Make Sure your Breadcrumbs are Efficient
Make Sure your Breadcrumbs are Efficient

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