Learn To Become Piercer That Actually Brings Looks

Learn To Become Piercer That Actually Brings Looks
Learn To Become Piercer That Actually Brings Looks

Body piercing is a special industry that employs artists with skills. If you are interested in a flexible environment, creative art, and meeting new people, become a professional piercer. Know everything before starting to learn and work as a piercer via this post.

Who is a body piercer? 

A body piercer is an artist who is interested in creativity and has professional skills to use special needles and tools to pierce body parts so that they can wear jewelry. They help people who want to have piercings for a number of reasons, including aesthetic, cultural, and sensational ones. Ears, eyebrows, collarbone areas, and other body parts the client wants piercing are among the places they practice piercing.

What does a body piercer do? 

What does a body piercer do? 
What does a body piercer do? 

A body piercer punctures a customer’s skin and other body parts using specific needles and tools to create a hole in which they may put jewelry. These tasks as a body piercer do every day are: 

  • Meeting with customers and discussing their piercing preferences
  • Cleaning and disinfecting for piercing
  • Using tools and needles to create the piercing
  • Cleaning work areas, tools, equipment, and jewelry

Almost all body piercers are self-employed, so they work with flexible schedules, including weekends. If customers want to pierce, call the studio and set a schedule. 

How to become a professional piercer?

Body piercers can pursue a variety of career opportunities, all of which include training and preferably, an apprenticeship in order to work safely with needles, piercing equipment, and human bodies. Follow these steps to become a body piercer: 

Research the industry and basic requirements

Research the industry and basic requirements
Research the industry and basic requirements

Taking deep research about body piercing will make you more comfortable with this service and prepared to begin training. You should watch videos, sign up for the online piercing training course, or read articles to have enough knowledge to start your formal training or apprenticeship. 

To become a professional piercer, you must meet some basic requirements. You must be at least 18 years old, and your eyesight and hand-eye coordination must be exceptional. As working directly in body parts, you should be comfortable working with all types of bodies and have good communication skills. 

Get health and safety certificates

Almost all studios require body piercers to complete health training certificates. Body piercers are responsible for both their customers and their own safety during piercings and must adhere to strict cleanliness regulations. You can complete CPR training courses or The APP’s Exposure Control Plans, Infection Control Plans, and Personal Protective Equipment Standard classes before or during your apprenticeship. 

Because you will be working with blood, most organizations demand a bloodborne pathogens certificate to be a piercer or trainee. You must know how to handle blood and other physiological fluids properly. 

Get a piercing license

Some states and countries require a license for a professional piercer. If you need a special license to be a professional body piercer, you should read the state laws or ask your mentors for more details. To obtain a license, you may need to prepare for and pass a test on local health and safety rules. Even if licensing isn’t required, you also should take the exam to improve your skills as well as expand your job opportunities. 

Final words

The body piercing industry continues to maintain a consistent level of employment and demand, so, to become a professional body piercer, you must know everything about skills as well as get licenses and safety certificates. 

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