Project management tools that are used for effective projects planning

Project management can be challenging. An exquisite project manager is the one who can lead, plan and implement. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Project managing requires an exceptional set of skills that allows people to work together to achieve a common goal.

Project Management Tools
Project Management Tools

Role of the manager

The role of project manager in professional industries is very crucial. He comes up with the plan, leads everyone else throughout the process, and efficiently ends the project. These are the criteria for fine project management.

Projects can both be small and huge. It is easier to complete smaller projects but larger projects require both skills and efforts. This is why we have a set of project management tools and techniques that helps the project manager. 

Project management techniques:

There are a few universally accepted techniques for the convenience of the project manager. These techniques successfully lead the team from the planning stage to the completion stage. These techniques are,

  1. Classic technique
  2. Waterfall technique
  3. Agile project management
  4. Rational unified process (RUP)
  5. Program evaluation and review technique
  6. Critical path technique
  7. Critical chain technique
  8. Extreme project management (XPM)

Among these, the most known and convenient is the agile project management technique. Agile project management is the breakdown of major goals into a set of smaller and simpler goals. Through the completion of these minor goals, the whole plan is completed both easily and elaborately. 

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Project management planning tools:

There is an abundant number of project management software and websites present to help us through project planning. This software uses project planning techniques and helps the manager. We will discuss a few of the best project management tools for you.


Trello is an easy-to-use tool. It allows us to create boards for each task and fill them with a list. We can categorize them as,

  • To-do
  • In progress
  • Completed

We can easily learn Trello through the work of the previous users. There are many features such as due date, check-list, labels, attachments, etc.


The main features are free for the users.



It is a simple project management tool designed for professionals. It has several sophisticated features like,

  • Multiple team workspace
  • Create, assign, prioritize
  • Insert Gantt charts
  • Project report, meetings, and analysis.
  • Project updates and follow-ups etc.


It offers both a free and paid plan. However, the paid plan is only $1 per month per user.

Kissflow Project:

Kissflow is a collaborative project management tool. It works on the team’s efforts, collaboration, contribution, and productivity. The Kissflow allow the following,

  • To plan efficiently
  • To track individual progress
  • To-do list
  • To-implement list
  • Upload projects, documents, and other files.


It is a bit expensive. The pricing starts from $35 per month.

Kissflow Project
Kissflow Project


Asana is a well-known tool for project planning. The project can be displayed as a list or a chart. It has a special calendar view which is best for planning deadlines. You can check out their videos on how to use this tool. There are options for including subtasks that are completed individually. We can also add assessments, attachments, tags, or comments.


The free version of Asana is available for up to 15 persons. However, Asana Premium costs $130 per user annually and $13.5 per user monthly.


CROOW is a structured management tool. It implements techniques such as Waterfall and Agile. Moreover, it is user-friendly. It allows features such as,

  • Use of Kanban and Gantt charts
  • Customization of the project
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Communicate with the team members
  • Notifications and updates on the project etc.


CROOW has both free and paid plans. The paid plan starts from $20 per month.


Nifty is an application that is well developed for project management. They provide collaboration among teams. Through nifty, you can,

  • Add Gantt charts
  • Add tasks and boards
  • Insert documents
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Task management and completion etc.

In addition, Nifty has a feature to smoothly shift your workload from other platforms to your platform. 


Nifty is not a free application. The price starts from $49 flat per user per month.


At last, we would conclude by saying that you can use any of these tools according to your liking, affordability, and feasibility. There are many free project management tools as well as paid tools. Many project managers use these in their daily lives for better completion of their tasks. You can do it too.

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