Tips to get started as a WordPress developer

We all have heard about WordPress. Among your social circle, someone is always using WordPress. Either it’s blogging, a small business website, or a portfolio, people use WordPress for many purposes. WordPress has evolved over time and currently, it is the most famous website building platform. WordPress itself is a content management system. Now, what is that? 

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A content management system is a software that manages the content. Many people come forward and create ideas on this website. So basically, it is a software and who develops software? Yes! The developers. Like any other website or software, WordPress needs developers and engineers to maintain it.

What is a WordPress developer and what do they do?

A WordPress developer is a career. It is like a classic developer but the area of expertise should be WordPress. WordPress developers can either work for WordPress or some other company hire them to build websites on WordPress. Moreover, WordPress developers can also choose freelance training. As a freelancer, they can approach clients and build their websites on WordPress. 

WordPress Developer
WordPress Developer

How can you start as a WordPress developer?

Becoming a WordPress developer is not a cakewalk. There are many hurdles you have to cross. However, it is a promising career and it will be worth it. Here is what you should do to pursue a WordPress developer career,

Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science

Many WordPress developer jobs require a bachelor’s level degree in computer science or a related field. Every hiring company considers a computer science degree from a reputable university. A bachelor’s degree is a solid base towards becoming a professional developer. However, if you cannot do a bachelor’s, you can take different computer programming courses

Learn Front end technologies

Front-end technologies include programming languages. A WordPress developer must have command over basic front-end languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


The hypertext markup language is a standard language in many web browsers. It is one of the basic languages to build a website. A developer should master this language.


It is well-known among many. JavaScript is like ABC to web development and without learning this language, you cannot prosper as a professional developer.


CSS is another language that focuses on the presentation of a web page. Because obviously, a website has to be creative. CSS knowledge will help a developer bring colors, include layouts, and add fonts. In short, you need to learn CSS to be creative.

Work with different web development tools

Web development tools are different software mainly created for the ease of the developers. A good developer should know most of these tools. In addition to this, he should know how to use a few of these tools completely. There are many different tools specific for a certain step in web development. For instance, TypeScript is a tool to use JavaScript more efficiently. CodePen is software that helps you develop a code and verify it by running it through CodePen. Moreover, there are text editors, animators, and many others.

Work With Different Web Development Tools
Work With Different Web Development Tools

Learn more about WordPress

Because your area of expertise will be WordPress therefore, it should be at your fingertips. You can either explore on your own or you can learn WordPress from experts. Although it will cost you financially, you can gain faster and much more than learning on your own. Another thing you can do is to subscribe to many YouTube tutorials. You should also look into WordPress codex which is a guide for the developers. It has all the basics on how to use WordPress for developing websites.

Learn More About WordPress
Learn More About WordPress

Be creative

Developers ought to be creative. It adds to your chances of success. Many people look for unique content and creativity is the answer to that. Therefore, you must know about the different aesthetics of a website. You should also know how to play with different themes and designs.

Good communication skills

A WordPress developer job description involves human interaction. You have to meet the clients and look after their specific requirements. You must develop good communication skills so that the client will be able to trust you. We all have heard that the customer is always right. Sometimes clients with zero knowledge about web development will preach to you so you should deal with them through good communication skills.


Once you make it as a WordPress developer, you will be offered many jobs. However, you should not rest there. You must continue exploring different tools and ideas. Enhance your creativity because it is a must-have for a developer and it does not come easy. Keep learning and keep hustling.

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