Top 3 Reliable Chicago Adult Swim Lessons in 2022

Swimming skills are important for you as they help you stay safe and comfortable around the water. Besides, you can reap many benefits from swimming, especially for your physical health.

Top 3 Reliable Chicago Adult Swim Lessons in 2022
Top 3 Reliable Chicago Adult Swim Lessons in 2022

There’s a great number of swim classes that are open in Chicago for adults. We’ve rounded up the top 3 swim lessons in Chicago you can rely on in this blog. 

Chicago Blue Dolphins

We kick off our list with Chicago Blue Dolphins – the most hands-on swim training. It offers a team of patient and profound teachers that will help you get over any obstacles of swim learning. Besides, what makes it outstanding is the indoor pool that is set at 90ºF, keeping you always warm and comfortable.

Whether you’re 13 or older, terrified of the water after a traumatic incident, or new to swimming in general, there are a variety of swim lessons that are ideally suited for you. Plus, private, semi-private, and group lessons are available.

A preschooler between the ages of four and five years old should register for a weekly session, with registration necessary for each week of the month. The cost of one session is $72.50, which includes evaluation services to evaluate whether or not your kid is ready to advance to the next level.

AquaMobile Swim School

No matter if you like swimming or not, once you try AquaMobile Swim training, there’s no going back. This is the only swim school where you can identify the teacher’s information before you enroll, then select one that you prefer. They are all veterans of swimming that have certificates to make sure learners are always in a safe condition.

AquaMobile Swim School
AquaMobile Swim School

Given that each learner will have a different swimming level, swimming style, etc…, AquaMobile Swim School teachers will design a training program that’s suitable for you and lives up to your expectation. That way, you can love to learn more as well as develop your skills faster.

The price of the course is $65.00 per hour per guard. It’s well worth it for what you gain during and after this course. Head over to AquaMobile Swim School and pick your preferred teacher now.

Aquamermaid School

Your dream of being a graceful mermaid will come true with Aquamermaid School as you wear incredible artificial tails. This is funny swimming training that will bring years of joy to you. On top of that, excellent teachers will show you spot-on skills of swimming, you will feel like a real mermaid after a short time.

Before gliding to the water, you will get to know how to swim with the artificial tail. Besides, instructors go from basic tail-swimming instruction to higher skills such as underwater dance during classes or celebrations. Once you complete the course, you will get the tricks to swim proficiency.

Benefits of Swimming

  • Strengthen your heart system: Swimming helps you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. You will strive to swim as far as possible without any pause as well as lose your breath. That way, your heart gets stronger. 
  • Improve your lung capacity: While swimming, you will breathe harder. That packs quite a punch for the lung, especially improving lung capacity.
  • Lower stress and depression: When you swim, your body produces endorphin hormones, which help to improve your mood and reduce stress. Swimming also continually extends your body, resulting in relaxation.
  • Improve brain function: Swimming causes the reduction of inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain, resulting in the improvement of memory and thinking skills.
  • Lengthen longevity: Swimming is the most effective kind of exercise for extending your life. Swimming participants had a half-death rate that was half that of runners, walkers, or males who did not swim, according to a study from the University of South Carolina.

These 3 foregoing schools are at the forefront of Chicago adult swim lessons. Select the one you prefer and try your best to improve your health.

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