What are the 5 steps to paraphrase assignments in university?

What are the 5 steps to paraphrase assignments in university?
What are the 5 steps to paraphrase assignments in university?

Paraphrasing means rewriting another writer’s ideas in your words. For this,  you can change words, sentence structure, and paragraphing.

It is important to learn this skill for making university assignments. For writing an assignment, you have to consult various sources and research. Unless you know how to rephrase it, you will have a high plagiarism percentage.

Plagiarized text in an assignment is unacceptable at the university level. Once caught, it can lead to negative grading, subject failure, or in some cases, expulsion from university as well. To avoid that, you should work hard on your paraphrasing skills.

What are the 5 Steps to paraphrasing university assignments?

So far, we have explained the importance of paraphrasing and the best method to do it. In this section, we will teach you how to paraphrase your university assignments in 5 simple steps. Stay tuned.

Step 1: Selection of desired passage

In the first step, you need to choose the paragraph of your assignment. The choice should be made on merit, and you should know what sort of amendments you require in the initial draft. You can remove plagiarism, enhance grammatical accuracy, and improve the overall quality of your paragraph.

For a case study, we have chosen the following paragraph:

“When marketing your business online, positive social media buzz and favorable press releases have a far-reaching influence over your potential customers. Negative information can also spread easily, however. All it takes is one client or competitor to post an unfavorable review to harm your online reputation severely and disrupt your profitability. Your best defense against unfair reviews is a steady stream of positive content from a trusted source.

Business Content will help you recover your reputation and regain your standing on search engine pages by diluting negative content and using white-hat SEO techniques to construct a fairer, more accurate picture of your company”

This passage has high plagiarism and a lack of quality at the same time. we can remove both deficiencies.

Step 2: Selection of Tool

The selection of the tool is a break or make part. The right tool can provide you with excellent rewrites while a low-quality tool will only make your life difficult.

Any tool selected for university assignments should have a sophisticated approach to rewriting. So that your arguments are properly conveyed and there isn’t any loss of details.

Based on the above criteria, we have chosen paraphrasingtool.ai

Step 3: Input the paragraph

After selecting your tool, you need to go to its website and input the selected passage. The mode of input is guided by the tool. Some tools can recognize Docx or ppt files, so you can drag and drop your content. But for most tools, you have to copy and paste your text.

In our tool, we have copy-pasted the text as shown in the below picture.

Step 4: Choosing the paraphrasing mode

After the input, you should look to select the paraphrasing mode. The choice of mode depends upon user requirements. 

The tool can alter keywords, sentence structure, paragraphing, and the overall outlook of your university assignment.For our example, we have chosen the “Text Improver” mode.

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Step 5: paraphrase it

In the final step, you only need to click the paraphrase option. The tool would start its functioning. After a few seconds, you would get the output. The rewrite should be plagiarism-free with better writing quality.

Graphical user interface, text, application

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In our example, after clicking the paraphrase. The text appears on the right side, and it looks like this:

The rewrite looks like this in text form:

“When you sell your business online, the positive noise of social media and the publication of positive news will have a huge impact on your customers. Negative information can also be easily spread. You only need a customer or competitor to post unwanted comments that could seriously damage your online reputation and ruin your profits. Your best protection against irrational suggestions is a steady stream of positive content from a trusted source. Commercial content can help restore your reputation and position on search engine pages by diluting negative content and creating a better and more accurate image of your company with white SEO techniques.”

The highlighted text shows the substitutions which have been made.  The rewrite is plagiarism-free, carrying a far better overall quality.

Using this simple 5 step method, students can rewrite any assignment and get good grades.

When is paraphrasing needed in Assignments?

Before learning this skill, students should know where to use it. The paraphrasing skills are ideal for small sections of an assignment. You can use it to:

  • rewrite a published quote
  • incorporate another person’s idea in your assignment
  • provide research references 
  • Improve overall quality of writing
  • Make your content  grammatically accurate
  • Remove plagiarism

Types of paraphrasing  

Paraphrasing has two fundamental types

  • Manual Paraphrasing
  • Online paraphrasing

Manual Paraphrasing

As evident from the name, it refers to manually rewriting an article. This requires an understanding of the subject, excellent writing skills, linguistic prowess, and command of the language.

Quality paraphrasing can take up to 5 hours for a simple 1500 words assignment. Doing it too often causes unnecessary pressure. Which often results in academic stress. An issue that has been on the rise this century.

Online Paraphrasing

This type of paraphrasing is done with the help of an online paraphrasing tool. The students can rewrite their assignments by using their advanced NLP algorithms.

A quality paraphraser should be reliable, accurate, efficient, and easy to use. The tool shouldn’t lose any contextual sequence or detail while rephrasing. 

The tools also provide you with a variety of paraphrasing modes enabling you to rewrite the assignment as per your required features. 

Unlike manual paraphrasing, it takes a few seconds to do its work. Based on that we recommend every student use online paraphrasing.

Final Words

Assignments are a key part of university life. The teachers use assignment scores to rank students. To write a quality assignment, you need paraphrasing tools to give it a professional outlook. They can help you write unique assignments with grammatical accuracy.

This article gives you a simple 5 step formula to write university assignments. Use it and ace your university work.

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