Microverse Reviews | SwitchUp

Jan 06, 2022  · Course Description: Microverse offers an online, full-time, Full Stack software development program that trains you to become a software developer for no upfront cost. Microverse believes that learning should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you live.

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AiCore Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 02, 2021  · The best part of the Machine Learning Course by AiCore was the extensive hands-on coding exposure, in the form of assignments, in-class exercises and end-of-course project. Szymon's impeccable coding skills and strong fundamentals have helped us get an ...

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Careerist Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Aug 27, 2021  · Course Description: The Careerist QA Automation bootcamp is a total of 15 weeks: 5 weeks for the first bootcamp lesson followed by 10 weeks of intensive online training. Students will be prepared for jobs as Test Automation Engineers. Bootcamp students will learn Python, OOP, PyCharm, Selenium WebDriver, Behave, GitHub, and Git.

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Code Institute Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 18, 2021  · Course material is highly relevant, and you will develop the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for. 90% of graduates are hired within 6 months of completing and work for companies such as Accenture, Google, PayPal, and Microsoft.

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Product School Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 18, 2022  · Product Executive Certificate. Cost: $9,999. Duration: 4 weeks. Locations: Online. Course Description: Best for senior-level professionals with 5+ years of experience in a product leadership role. You'll learn how to lead high-performance teams, and to embrace change and manage growth, and the art of influence.

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BrainStation Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 25, 2021  · Course Description: BrainStation’s iOS Development course is an intensive, collaborative learning experience, designed to help you enhance your professional skills and accelerate your career growth. Led by Instructors with experience in the field, you will learn cutting-edge concepts and techniques, and then apply them immediately, ensuring ...

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CareerFoundry Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 30, 2021  · Course Description: In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to gain a solid understanding of key data analysis skills, processes, and principles. It’s the perfect solution for those brand-new to the subject and a great way to see whether data analysis is …

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General Assembly Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 28, 2021  · Course Description: Your best course for career transformation. Our award-winning coding bootcamp, dedicated career coaches, 19K+ hiring partners, and global expert network get grads hired at A-list companies.

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V School Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 09, 2021  · Course Description: The Full Stack JavaScript Web Development course is a 12 Week, 600 hour, immersive approach to both front and back end development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js and jQuery.

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Codecademy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 17, 2021  · Course Description: In this 10 week course, students will learn hypothesis & A/B testing, SQL that allows you to query databases, data visualization basics, and simple, yet sound analysis techniques. Participants will recieve Codecademy Advisor Support via Live Chat, access to private Slack Community, and a Codecademy Certification.

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Flatiron School Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 23, 2021  · Course Description: Being a software engineer requires more than knowing how to code or build a web app. Over 15 challenging weeks on Flatiron School’s students learn to think, and build, like software engineers — from developing coding proficiency to gaining an understanding of how products are designed and managed.

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Rocket Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 27, 2021  · Course Description: SWE1 is a 6-month full-time or 12-month part-time course to help students learn the foundational concepts of SWE and get a job as a SWE. SWE1 is led by former SWEs and instructors from Facebook, Stanford, and General Assembly. Graduates work as SWEs at companies such as GovTech and Glints.

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Magnimind Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 07, 2021  · Course Description: This course is focused in practical approach with many examples and developing functional applications. This course starts explaining you, how to get the basic tools for coding and also making a review …

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Coding Temple Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 05, 2022  · Course Description: Coding temple’s 10-week full-stack development course provides a thorough primer on all of the tools and technologies required to envision, design, build, test, analyze, debug and deploy completely functional web applications and data analytics. The average day will consist of the whiteboard, assignment review, classroom ...

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Per Scholas Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Course Description: In partnership with Infosys, this course is designed to meet specific job demand Infosys has in Infrastructure Support throughout the US. The curriculum will build on existing knowledge to prepare you for in-demand roles and help jumpstart your career.

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UX Design Institute Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Course Description: The course that we offer is the Professional Diploma in UX Design. The course is conducted fully online through videos, webinars and a Slack channel where students can ask questions, share tips and resources with each other etc.

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Udacity Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 16, 2022  · Course Description: This Nanodegree program is built in partnership with Google and is designed to teach students how to build their own app for Google Play. The concepts covered in this program include Android development, databases, Android networking libraries, crash analysis, multilingual support, Android libraries, Gradle and APIs.

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Xccelerate Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 07, 2022  · Course Description: This course is a hands-on and project based designed to impart practical training of applying Machine Learning techniques to challenges in the finance industry. Harness the power of Python and Machine Learning to solve a variety of industry problems. Tuition: HK13500

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KnowledgeHut Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 20, 2022  · Course Description: This immersive learning coding bootcamp features best-in-class live training, learn-by-doing with cloud labs and 1-on-1 mentorship. This is a beginner-friendly bootcamp and is offered online in blended learning mode, both as a full-time and a part-time program, and also as an on-demand self-paced learning course.

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Altcademy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 10, 2022  · Course Description: Learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails and build multiple back-end API applications in 8 - 16 weeks. You will meet via live video chat with your mentor in sessions called Office Hours. During Office Hours, your mentor will check on your progress and answer any question you may have.

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Springboard Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 19, 2022  · This course is designed to help students decide if a career in data analytics is right for them. It will also help them decide if Springboard is the right educator for them. The course will introduce students to data analytics fundamentals, including structured thinking processes, Excel foundations, and how to present data-driven insights.

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Devmountain Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 10, 2021  · Course Description: Students go over the basics of Git, GitHub, test writing, unit testing, test automation, load testing, and API testing. This course is designed for problem-solvers and students who need to know how stuff works. Students learn how to test modern apps and software for functionality.

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Correlation One Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Course Description: Data Analytics training and jobs for all underrepresented minorities. 13 weeks of live training, virtually. Completely free. Held on a recurring basis, twice annually. Tuition: None. (No contracts, no ISAs, no fees. The program is funded fully by corporate partners.)

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A Guide to the Best Online Web Design Courses in 2020

Posted: (52 years ago) Jul 23, 2020  · A 4-hour beginner course in web page development is also available for free, and focuses on the basic coding skills that web designers need. To complete one of Alison's programs, students must achieve 80% or higher in each assessment. Courses that cover HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, Cascading Style Sheets, Flash, and more.

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MIT xPRO Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Aug 18, 2021  · The course starts with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the basic principles of how web applications are run, and eases into more difficult concepts like security, ES6 and the ReactJS framework, making it good for beginners and developers alike. Being in the industry, this course is great to be a part of. On a daily basis I apply what I've learned ...

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Code Fellows Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 24, 2021  · Course Description: Becoming a well-rounded developer is much more than learning language syntax. In this intensive course, you will study the common core of software development, including the MVC pattern, object-oriented and functional programming, and computer science fundamentals such as basic data structures and algorithms.

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Bethel School of Technology Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 01, 2022  · Course Description: With 33% job growth over the next 10 years, the demand for cyber security and information security analysts is exploding. The world needs you to put your security training to work to take down cyber attacks and protect it from harm.

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Boolean Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jul 17, 2021  · Course Description: Learn the key skills to become a modern full-stack web developer with 6 months of full-time online learning. Learn with a job-focused syllabus, with a learning-by-doing approach, and 1:1 support from instructors.

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James Madison University Professional & Continuing ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 30, 2021  · Course Description: In a 28-week online training, you gain mastery of tools and cybersecurity processes to make you job-ready. Become a cybersecurity specialist even if you just heard the term “cybersecurity” for the first time. No prior experience is required, knowledge of basic IT skills is enough to enroll in this program.

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The Tech Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 29, 2021  · 1. Computer and Technology Basics Course 2. Overview of Software Development Course 3. Version Control Course 4. HTML and CSS Course 5. JavaScript Course 6. Database and SQL Course 7. Visual Studio Course 8. Python Course 9. C# and .NET Framework Course 10. Project Management Course 11. A 2-week Live Project focused on …

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Kable Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 13, 2021  · Course Description: The Web Development course focuses on the fundamental concepts of HTML, CSS, and the JavaScript and React JS languages along with Salesforce application. Tuition: Full cost is $14,500 and 85% of students qualify for grants, scholarships, and county based tuition funding for students located in IN, OH, and KY

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HyperionDev Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 19, 2022  · Course Description: Without organisation and interpretation, data is essentially useless. It most cases, it takes someone with the skill to construct meaning from what seems like chaos. This course equips you with the fundamental skills needed to analyse data and construct meaning from data, thereby realising its value.

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Guide to 25 of the Top Online Coding Courses in 2020

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 16, 2020  · Code Conquest describes itself as a free guide for the beginning coder. The tutorials and training cover introductions to HTML, Ruby, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, and more. Think of Code Conquest as a beginner course complete with lessons, quizzes, and learning resources. Code Conquest is a self-paced online course for: Beginners

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Revature Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Course Description: The University of Missouri Coding Bootcamp is a partnership between the University of Missouri and Revature, a leading technology talent development company. Revature at Mizzou, a no-cost coding bootcamp for MU graduates of any major, teaches front-end development languages and places students to work within top companies ...

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Best Coding Bootcamps of 2021-2022 | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 28, 2021  · Coding and digital technology may seem like natural subjects for online course delivery, but only 15% of bootcamps offered fully online programs in 2019. It's possible that the COVID-19 pandemic will shift that balance — early data showed increased interest in online programs during 2020.

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Tech Elevator Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 12, 2022  · Course Description: By the time you graduate, you will be able to create dynamic, database-backed web applications using the .NET platform. This will give you the foundational skills to hit the ground running as a junior web application developer. Specific technologies you will learn include: - Introduction to programming in Java or C#

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RevoU Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 20, 2021  · Course Description: In the Advanced Search Engine Optimization Program, students will learn advanced keyword research, SEO content & copywriting, web infrastructure and development, on page technical SEO, off-page …

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Software Development Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Course Description: Want to land the sexiest job of the 21st century? This course will give you the fundamentals of data science and how you how to use advanced machine learning methods to find hidden insights in massive data sets. "System tools are a collection of useful techniques for operating your system with commands.

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10x Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 28, 2021  · Course Description: The program contains live, Interactive Classes, taught by highly qualified working professionals. We provide 1:1 Mentoring, to unblock students whenever they get stuck. We take full responsibility of placement of students, help them placed in top product companies like Facebook, Amazon, Zomato etc with a package of 5-20 lpa.

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Green Fox Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 11, 2021  · The course offers learning exactly with the technology that is actually used in IT on a daily basis, which is without a doubt the biggest advantage of the course. The next biggest advantage for me was the development of my own personality, my personal growth and learning to work with myself even in highly stressful situations.

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Udemy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 27, 2020  · Students rated Udemy 4.6 out of five stars. Read student reviews and learn about the courses offered by Udemy, including cost, program length, and curriculum.

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NYC Data Science Academy Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 15, 2022  · Course Description: Overview This is a 6-week evening program providing a hands-on introduction to the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem of Big Data technologies. The course will cover these key components of Apache Hadoop: HDFS, MapReduce with streaming, Hive, and Spark. Programming will be done in Python.

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Best Online Coding Bootcamps of 2020-2021 | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 15, 2021  · Students work in a 1:1 mentorship with instructors and spend about 10 to 20 hours per week learning in the part-time program or 40 hours per week in the full-time program. The full-stack web development and software engineer course is a six-month full-time course that teaches HTML, CSS,...

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SDSU Global Campus Cybersecurity Bootcamp Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 03, 2021  · Course Description: The SDSU Global Campus Cybersecurity Bootcamp will prepare you to thrive in a career as a cybersecurity professional. Learn from industry-leading instructors in a virtual classroom setting that includes real-world cyber attack simulations, a comprehensive and immersive curriculum, industry networking opportunities, and ongoing …

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Udemy vs DataCamp - SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Udemy has individual courses varying in content, level, length, and cost. Users pay for each course but can access their completed materials forever. DataCamp has multiple course options, but still provides a clear curriculum that can be accessed with a monthly paid subscription. DataCamp users do not have access to completed course materials ...

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Coding Dojo Reviews | SwitchUp

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 12, 2022  · Course Description: This bootcamp is a deep dive into the fundamentals of data science and machine learning in Python. Throughout the course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire data science process from end-to-end, including data prep, data analysis and visualization, as well as how to properly apply machine learning algorithms to …

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