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1. Country analysis 1.1 Country context 1. Cambodia attained lower-middle-income country status in 2016, following rapid growth in gross domestic product (GDP) over the past two decades.1 Annual economic growth of 7 percent has been driven largely by agriculture

Posted: Tuesday Jul 7, 2020

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Management response to the recommendations set out in the ...

Posted: (3 days ago) and will conduct webinars and online courses for staff responsible for monitoring to facilitate the application of the corporate results framework and enhance the monitoring of operations and improve reporting. Guidance on conducting mid-term reviews will be available for the first wave of CSPs, helping country offices to

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Management response to the recommendations deriving from

Posted: (4 days ago) compulsory online courses; • strengthen mentoring, continue supporting the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation and enable the deployment of experienced national staff; HRM; OSZ Partially agreed. E-learning modules on humanitarian access will be developed and included in WFP learning platforms. A training course on access, which

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Management response to the annual report of the Office of ...

Posted: (19 days ago) courses on listening mandatory. WFP employees already undertake six mandatory online training courses and management does not consider singling out listening skills as a seventh mandatory course to be the right approach. Management considers the existing suite of courses outlined above to be sufficient in both number and scope. To increase

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Reaching Hidden Populations with an Innovative TwoStage ...

Posted: (2 days ago) 3 Section 1: Introduction & Background 1.1 Context: Historically, Turkey has been a country of emigration rather than immigration. However, over the past 8 years, Turkey has experienced a massive influx of refugees, the majority of whom are from Syria.

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Libya Annual Country Report 2019

Posted: (23 days ago) the training courses. The pilot scaled up to include both men and women in Zwara and Traghen, in the western and southern regions of the country respectively. WFP has made significant improvements in data collection and analysis, introducing a secure online tool that supports

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Update on the Gender Policy (2015–2020)

Posted: (18 days ago) platform (which includes two tailored e-training courses), the online Gender Community, monthly “brown bag” sessions on gender that connect colleagues from headquarters, regional bureaux and country offices colleagues, and in-person training on social norms. In

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Refugees from Western Sahara - World Food Programme

Posted: (9 days ago) courses for primary and lower-secondary school. • Start a distance learning project through broadcasting the curriculum through the Sahrawi TV channel, which will address the students at the fifth year of primary school and fourth year of lower intermediate schools to avoid losing the current academic year.

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Indonesia Annual Country Report 2018

Posted: (6 days ago) WFP developed online monitoring and reporting tools to improve the accountability of Progas. In 2018, WFP concluded two studies on Progas implementation and a study of ... strengthened local capacity through a series of training courses, finalization of the Strategic Logistics Planning Toolkit and the establishment of provincial

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Egypt Annual Country Report 2019

Posted: (2 months ago) Technology and Maritime Transportation for the delivery of vocational training courses in linguistics, business management and entrepreneurial skills. Upon completion and attendance of 80 percent of the course-cycle, participants received monthly household assistance of EGP 2,000. WFP aims to expand resilience building activities to

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WFP Gender and Age Marker

Posted: (6 days ago) can also take gender training courses on the We Learn platform. ... At which stage of the CSP approval process shall I complete the online GaM tool? At country office level, you may complete the online GaM tool once the first draft of the CSP document is prepared. In case the resulting score is low, you shall discuss with the rest of the country

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