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The Signs, Symptoms, And Cures Of An Afternoon Slump

"Afternoon slump" is a term used to describe the sleepy and sluggish feeling that comes on in the afternoon, usually between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. There are a few different reasons people experience afternoon slump, but the symptoms are generally the same.

Posted: Wednesday May 27, 2020

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Best Certificate Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs

Posted: (3 days ago) Find a Program That Works With Your Schedule: Look into what each program costs, how long it takes to complete the program, and what the program offers (e.g., on-the-job training, courses, exams). Select a program that fits your schedule. For example, if you want to continue to work full-time while pursuing the program, make sure the program's schedule is flexible.

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Top 10 Short-Term Career Training Programs

Posted: (3 days ago) Search "personal trainer courses" and your location to identify some training programs in your area. Ask local personal trainers for recommendations regarding the best programs. Job Outlook - Jobs for personal trainers are expected to grow by 10% from 2016-2026, a faster rate than for other occupations.

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Where to Find Online Faculty and Adjunct Positions

Posted: (4 days ago) Type of Remote, Online Faculty Positions: Online adjunct faculty This private university hires online adjunct faculty members from across the world for its undergrad and graduate courses. Most courses are already designed, and faculty members facilitate learning. However, some courses are instructor-designed.

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Here Is a List of Universities With Free Online Courses ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Other courses include microeconomics, linear algebra, health sciences, technology, energy courses, hard science courses in chemistry, and physics. UC Berkeley Edx is an online website portal for those looking to learn from many colleges including Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley to name a few.

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5 of the Best Places to Learn Basic HTML Online

Posted: (6 days ago) Here are five of the best places to learn basic HTML online, so you can get started on your coding journey. Codecademy. izusek / Getty Images. Pros: If you’ve ever searched “Free HTML courses,” you probably have already come across this site. One of the more popular options on this list, Codecademy is a platform that teaches you HTML in ...

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Animal Behavior Certification Programs

Posted: (3 days ago) Each certificate program comprises five courses and can be completed in less than a year. Candidates must also complete 40 hours of hands-on fieldwork through employment or volunteering. Specialized certificates are available for those wishing to focus on a single species (canine, equine, or feline training and behavior).

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Online Course Development Jobs - The Balance Careers

Posted: (8 days ago) Some online colleges do pay a flat fee to online faculty members for instructor-designed courses. In that case, the faculty member would most likely fill all of the roles above, with perhaps the exception of an editor who would review the instructor's work.

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